About Software Strategy

Software Strategy is consultancy specialising in improving the performance of software development teams. Once upon a time such teams were only found inside companies which made software, now the world is digital they are everywhere. Our reputation is built on helping these teams perform better. We have worked with some well known name – like Burberry, Virgin Atlantic and CapGemini – as well as some lesser known large companies – like Fugro and Meggitt – but most of all we’ve worked with small innovative companies.

Agile working practices provide more responsive and flexible development teams that, in turn, generate higher quality products and reduce development risks. We have a wealth of experience in Agile training, consulting and coaching.

The Software Strategy website will soon be folded into a new sire for Allan Kelly, Software Strategy and Allan’s Blog. The new site is currently at http://www.allankellyassociates.co.uk/.

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About Us

Founded by Allan Kelly in 2007 the company is based in London and works throughout the UK, Europe and occasionally further afield.

We work with companies who need to develop their own software because:

  • the software is their product – either an online service or packaged deliverable
  • the use of an unique in-house software which supports their business model

The common theme is that their software strategy and their business goals plus the desired outcomes need to be in alignment.

Our reputation is based on our ability to deliver against that. Once an overall strategic understanding is in place, we believe Agile methodologies and Lean product development practices represent the best available techniques for software development.

We are always happy to informally discuss a clients needs and how we might help. Most clients initially engage with us in one of three ways:

  • By commissioning a Development Health Check report; after this we may follow up with advice and/or training.
  • By engaging us to deliver a training course; most of our training courses include a free day of follow up consulting, some clients go further and continue with a programme of coaching and consulting.
  • By requesting some advice, either in a coaching or consulting mode.