Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly is the founder of Software Strategy. He specialises in the business side of software development – namely management and requirements.
With over 25 years experience working with software Allan has held just about every job in the software world: system admin, tester, developer, architect, product manager and development manager.

Allan is London based and works for Software Strategy providing training and consulting in Agile practices. He specializes in working with software product companies, aligning company strategy with products and processes.

He holds BSc and MBA degrees and is a recognised Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP). More about Allan on his own website, on Slideshare, his blog On Twitter find him @allankellynet.

Allan Kelly’s own experiences running development teams, helping multiple teams to adopt Agile working methods and practices have been distilled into Xanpan – a cross between XP and Kanban. Xanpan draws ideas from Kanban and Lean, XP and Scrum, product management and business analysis, and many other places.

I started my career coding (Pascal, C++, C, Java), after a sojourn in Silicon Valley I returned to London and realised I could fix the code problems. The more significant problems were what we were building and how we were building. That led me to an MBA, Patterns, Product Management, Agile and writing two books.

Allan Kelly

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