Retrospective Dialogue Sheets

Dialogue sheets are a technique invented in Stockholm at the Royal Institute for Technology, KTH. The intention is to promote good conversation and can be used for a variety of discussion based activities.


New, experimental sheet: Planning

Allan Kelly, founder of Software Strategy has developed these ideas to produce a series of dialogue sheets which can be used by teams for retrospectives, Agile Kick-off and team discussions.

Twitter hashtag for anything about Retrospective Dialogue Sheets is #dlgsheets.

We intend to keep soft copies of the dialogue sheets available for free as a community resource.

Latest updates:

  • March 2013 moved to new website
  • October 2013: Video introduction added; T2 sheet retired
  • May 2013: Planning sheet released for testing
  • April 2013: InfoQ publish Dialogue Sheets Revisited
  • April 2012: French translation of Sprint Retrospective sheet now listed (thanks to Laurent Carbonnaux for translation); Spanish translation of Sprint Retrospective and Agile Thinking sheets now listed (thanks to Matias Iacono for translation.
  • March 2012: Sprint Retrospective dialogue sheet revised with feedback. Previous version (now called version 1) is still available. Version 2 is also available in reusable laminated format from print on demand service.

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Changing Software Development
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