Agile Training

In all Software Strategy training the emphasis is on helping participants to work differently:

  • We do not believe in training for training’s sake, we believe in training to create change.
  • We aim to deliver courses which equip attendees to immediately put their learning into action.

Most of our courses are delivered on-site for specific customers. This can be cost effective with groups as small as three or four. Some courses are also available for open enrolment by individuals – check our schedule.

agile stones

Software Strategy Training

Agile Software Development

This workshop aims to get teams new to Agile up and running with a successful product development process. Highly interactive workshops which allow attendees to practice Agile in the classroom.

Agile Programming & Testing

Workshops which provide technical with skills for Agile: TDD in C++, C# and Java plus ATDD with FIT. Hands-on interactive workshop experience using examples of typical development issues.

Alternative Product Owner

Product Owner training with puts value delivery at the centre.

Agile for non-software

A practical introduction to Agile for teams outside software, e.g. marketing. A course for team who don’t do software development but want the benefits of Agile working.

Product Leadership for Engineers

A new course designed to help software engineers consider customer needs and commercial strategies.

Really enjoyed Allan’s way of presenting. Good use of metaphor & explanation as to how to apply Agile methodology. Good energy. Good engagement. Course material are very complete and well packaged.