Introducing Software Strategy

Software Strategy provide training, consultancy and coaching for companies where bespoke or unique software sits at the heart of their business model. Founded by Allan Kelly, the consultancy brings together a number of partners and associates who have broad, effective and in depth experience of almost every aspect of the software industry.

Allan himself is a respected author in the field of software development, regularly contributes to industry journals and is a popular speaker at software conferences. The benefits to clients who utilise this collected experience may include:

  • Improved effectiveness
  • More responsive and flexible development teams
  • Higher quality products
  • Reduced risk
  • Lower costs / greater productivity

Software Strategy believe that training and coaching should be delivered to purpose, and that enabling software development to be successfully aligned with business goals is often the single most valuable outcome.

“Allan has made a real difference to the way teams work at lastminute.com. Working with multiple teams he has successfully led change and improved processes. These teams are more responsive to business needs and more effective at delivering their products.”

Director, lastminute.com (More from our clients)

Our Clients

Clients include: Burberry, Viacom, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Fugro, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, lastminute.com and a host of small and medium sized enterprises.

For more on clients see the clients page.


Books by Allan


Xanpan - a hybrid of Kanban and XP
available from LeanPub

Business Patterns for Software Developers

Business Patterns for Software Developers.
Published by John Wiley & Sons, early 2012

Changing Software Development

Changing Software Development
Published by John Wiley & Sons, 2008

Software Strategy Selected Writings

Agile Reader (3rd ed), selected writings of Allan Kelly
Published by Software Strategy Ltd.

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Buy printed book at Lulu