Agile Training

The aim of these courses is to get teams and specialists who are not currently working Agile to work Agile, and to help those who are currently working Agile work better.

The popular foundations courses have been running for approximately eight years and have been fine tuned over that time to give teams what they need to get started. Whether XP/Scrum style iterations, flow based Kanban or Allan Kelly’s own Xanpan hybrid method there is something here for every team.

The majority of these course come with a free follow up-day of review, consulting and advice.

Course Description Duration
*** NEW ***Leading and Managing Agile Software Development

For those current and soon to be leaders

6 half-day sessions over 12 weeks
Agile Software Development Foundations Our most popular course. An introduction to Agile & Scrum processes for teams. Optional extra day providing more depth on User Stories, requirements and planning. (May also be run as a refresher course.) 2 days
Backlogs, Requirements & User Stories

Making better stories with added value – a short intensive workshop

1 day workshop
Agile Masterclass For teams already doing Agile and who want to be even better. Flexible schedule of material with lots of exercises and reflection.

2 days
Agile Foundations for Business Analyst

Offered in partnership with Learning Connexions
Foundations of Agile Software Development with special attention to the Business Analyst role and Requirements (User Stories, etc.) 2 or 3 days
Product Owner Plus An alternative Product Owner course which goes beyond the more common courses to place value delivery at the centre of work – for new and existing Product Owners on Agile teams. 2 days

See also our technical training courses.

If you would like more information on any course, or can’t quite see what you have in mind, then please contact us and we will be happy to help. Several of these courses started life as special courses for specific clients, we can mix-and-match or tailor a course as needed.

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